By providing not just soft-skills classes for justice-involved individuals, but a community advocate for the restoration of each individual's right to normalcy.  Genisis Reentry Skills is both a pathway provider, a community resource, a helping hand, and the vessel by which we will assist our clients in becoming the best version of themselves. Our goal is to fulfill the unmet needs in our community by providing resources, synergy, and partnerships with other providers in order to assist justice-involved individuals in pro-social activities and reintegration as returning citizens.

Group Discussion
Community Resources

If you are in need of clothing for a job interview. Or just need to know where in the community to find a resource./ please leave your question here. 

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Social Security Card

In order to get employment, you are going to need your Social Security Card, in order to complete an I-9 Form. If you have a Social Security Number and need a replacement click here.

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Get a job

If you need work we know which way to direct you to places to find local employment.

PORTAL New Directions

This is a 12-week course that Genesis Reentry Skills teaches in the Daviess County Jail. A successful completion of this course will allow our clients to remove 60 days of sentence/supervision time.  Once granted through the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

Medicade Assistor

We can point you to the local community resources to get your Medicaid active upon your release and return into the community.

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Personal Identification

The Kentucky Transportation Department has taken over the issue of both Driver's Licenses and Personal ID cards in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Click here to schedule an appointment today.